Moorestown Community Unites To Help Homeless Family

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The goal of the Facebook fundraiser is to help a family that has been hit by several recent tragedies.

By Anthony Bellano, Patch Staff

MOORESTOWN, NJ — The Moorestown community is coming together to help a family in need. A Facebook fundraiser has raised nearly $4,000 for a homeless family that needs help as of Monday morning, July 9.

The fundraiser was launched after an accident in which two cars were totaled earlier this month, according to the fundraiser page. The man who was driving was suffering from pancreatic cancer, and the family had recently lost their home in a fire. The family includes a 9-year-old girl and 6-year-old twin boys. The man has since passed away due to his illness.

"The wife is currently in Philadelphia looking for a job and has been sleeping in a park with their children," according to the post. "She spent her day today going to shelters I called for her to find out there was no more room for her and their children for shelter. This family has lost everything and I know we can help them and show them that with faith anything is possible."

They have been outside during the recent thunderstorms and the recent heat wave, but were staying with a family in Moorestown as of Monday morning. The fundraiser is looking to help the family put down a deposit on a home, as well as for clothes and furniture.

Donations can be made either to the page directly by clicking here, or by sending a check payable to: "Code Blue" to 189 Highland Avenue, Moorestown NJ.

"Code Blue Collaborative A New Jersey Nonprofit Corporation is a 501(c)3 so it is tax-deductible, and I am able to provide you with a receipt," fundraiser Jennifer Lopez wrote. "I'd like to save enough money to get them into a place right away and not bounce them around for a month. I want to keep them in the county and in a school district that can help with her twin 6 year old sons who are both on the spectrum and still in pull-ups (but I am very close to having them fully potty trained) and her 9 year old daughter who has literacy issues. Any local camps or vacation bible schools that are willing to sponsor these kids for a week or so would also be greatly appreciated. Mark Morgan with Moorestown Theater Company has graciously donated 3 weeks of camp for the 9-year-old girl (and offered to take the boys as well but I need to find somewhere that can handle minor special needs) and I can't begin to thank him enough! I know as a community we can help this family and get them into housing and help rebuild their lives."

Anyone who has knowledge of a two-bedroom apartment the family may be able to stay in is asked to reach out, as well. The family is formerly from Pennsylvania, and it needs to establish residency in New Jersey before it can join Burlington County Family Services.

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